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Welcome !

We always try to be better: better in sports, better in the office … Better and even better … Then why not “muscling” our neurons? Here is a modern and attractive way … in virtual reality with even a virtual coach. Fortunately, progress will be very real …


If a start-up wants to succeed it always needs a good starting point, trust and investment. NeuroPowerTrain has these three key elements that contribute to its value. In addition to the innovative quality of our project, we would like to highlight the following three points.

Technology Parc III

Situé dans un environnement compétitif et innovante, nous investissons dans les échanges avec d’autres professionnels, autant des start-ups qu’avec des entreprises réputées. 

Bernese Jura

Actively supported by the Economic Promotion of the Canton of Bern, as well as the Municipality of St-Imier, the development of NeuroPowerTrain has made a good start …

Swiss Label

As a Swiss company, our values and our know-how, reflect those of a country renowned worldwide for its innovative approach.

Oculus Go

Let your mind train

Oculus Go and VR radically
change the notion of cognitive training.
Immerse yourself in a serious game
and measure your progress.



Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for more information, to ask your questions, or just to send us your comments and remarks. As a start-up, we look forward to sharing our passion and our project with you …

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